When you arrive at your travel destination, the following advice will be helpful Always make eye contact, smile as you walk by, if they smile back say hello in the local language. Don’t be afraid, the world is not as dangerous as the media makes it out to be. Keep an open eye but don’t […]

Know before you go For question about travel warning and alerts, visit www.travelwarnings.com For question about health warnings, visit www.cdc.gov/travel For update on weather / climate conditions, visit www.weather.com” For question about what to bring into the united states, visit www.us.com

To ensure a stress free journey through airport, please note the following: Never carry anything into any country for someone else. Never bring prohibited goods into any country, if in doubt ask the customs enquiry desk. If you are unsure about your duty / tax – free entitlement, go to the custom enquiry desk If […]

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